Friday, 3 August 2007

Using up old junk and new neighbours......

Today I found a micro challenge on Caardvarks to use up the scraps from the junk bowl, we also had to show the bowl .......
I couldn't use everything in there, what a heap of junk, most needs to visit the wheelie bin, but I did manage to find some things that went together reasonably well. I have been saving bits from new clothes, ribbons and gorgeous labels which are too delic to just throw away...... here is what I ended up with-
The backing paper (only thing not from the scrap box) is from DCWV old world stack.

Also been busy this week making other cards firstly a wedding card.......

and some football mad cards, have a few of these birthdays coming up, I don't like making the same card twice so although very similar in design each one is very different.

and so onto our new neighbours. I got such a fright the other night to suddenly see this lot bounding towards us!

The girl gang, fearsome lot aren't they?

Meet Daisy, she is obviously the trouble maker, lost her ear-ring in a fight!
I can't stop watching them, they stare into the kitchen window and watch us watching them! My tiny dog went out to bark at them the other night and when a huge one just stood looking at her she turned around and funny!


mum-on-the-run said...

WOW! Beautiful cards!!

lauren bergold said...

holy moly that's an impressively *elegant* card you made from your "junk bowl" discards! it's just gorgeous, as is the wedding one! looove the football cards, as well; i feel the same--never like to make EXACT copies...but it's so massively time-saving to bulk up with the same general design! FAB work all round! :)

Samm said...

Wow, great job on the junk! one classy card!
Love those cows, sooo pretty!!!


Monkee Maker said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, 007 is my favourite too. And RGH's, even though he has his own (No. 5), so he can keep his mitts off my monkey mate!

What beautiful cards you make, you must be so patient.

And those pictures of the cows are fab. I'm very envious that you have cows looking in your kitchen window; if ours wasn't opaque we'd have our neighbours looking in!