Wednesday, 4 February 2009

news, tags and awards

Well, have you pre-ordered yet, the new Sugar Nellie Gorjuss Girls! You can pre-order them now at Funky Kits they will be sent out at the end of february, can't wait!

Some tags and awards! This photo tag is fun, I was tagged by Jeannette and Bernie, thanks guys! Do check out the fabulous cards this talented pair make!

You have to go to your 6th folder and find your 6th photo. Sorry, not a very exciting one, in fact one that probably should have been deleted. This is a heron flying off!

Jeannette also gave me this sweet award... you must take a look at her fab digi scrapping!
Super talented Zoe gave me this award, thanks sweetie!

This fun award is from Katy (who also has just put up some blog candy so go take a peek!)

many thanks to you all and I know I have probably missed some as I am always a bit late getting them put up so sorry if I forgot someone.

As usual I want to award them all to all of you as you are all too fab to just choose a few!

Thanks so much for visiting and for all your encouraging comments!

Have a great evening!


Rose Ann said...

Those are some cute stamps, Deb!! Great picture of the heron too!! Congratulations on all of your awards!!

craftyb said...

Congratulations on all your awards Deb I for one think you deserve every one!!

I love your's fab to see nature at it's best!!

ANd oh yes, greedy b ordered her new stamps!! LOL I say greedy 'cos I've had so many new stamps recently, haven't used them all yet but I've have been STALKING the Sugar Nellie blog for their new releases...although the stamps I've had up to now were my christmas pressies....I asked for money and wanted to wait on them and I did keep the money for them....does that make it sound any better....didn't think so!! haha

Alley said...

Those are some precious stamps! Congrats on your awards.

Alley said...

Those are some precious stamps! Congrats on your awards.