Sunday, 8 March 2009

Blog Candy!

Apologies, my blog candy draw might be a little later than planned! My internet is down (full explanation in the post below! )
I hope it will be fixed early on monday but if not I will make the draw as soon as possible after my phone line is working again!
This means you can continue to enter as I will take the list just before the draw!
You can see my blog candy here,

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a portland granny said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I haven't seen your blog before and have enjoyed looking through it. I have loved Scotland and tales from there since I was a 'wee' girlie!! I have never been, and probably will not make it, but I've loved everything I have ever seen or read about it. I stopped by your other blog with pictures of your garden bins, etc. I enjoyed that visit also.

I have decided you girls who make such beautiful, wonderful cards with the embelleshments, etc. must not send them through the mail. I'm so practical, I make all of mine for mailing, as I write lots of notes to lots of people. But, oh do I love the cards many of you make with your little people on them--so beautiful and creative!!