Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Another Wednesday rolls in and I am still complaining of the snow!  We had a horrible big dump yesterday so it is still lingering today, on a positive note the forecast for next week looks so much better so I expect I am telling you how fabulous the weather is next Wednesday!
Not long now to the big day! Is anyone else getting a teensy bit excited?  I am just fighting with myself over whether I should get up at 4am to watch it live or just wait.  We are going to watch the whole thing later in the day and have a party with some other Brit friends who live here but knowing it is on, I may not be able to sleep! (For anyone not getting this, I am talking about the Royal Wedding)
 ON my desk today is a little heart stamp I bought for a wedding card years ago.  I need to make a wedding acceptance card (not for the Royal one unfortunately) and can't decide how to do it.  It will be a simple CAS card as I have other things to get on with later today (with the blue patterned paper)!  Also if I don't get the reply in the mail soon the wedding will be over!
And just look what Ethan created last night!  He is such a clever little thing!  
He told his friend he was going to make himself a bookmark and his friend asked if he would make him one too, he also decided he would make one for his sister!  
They are upside down because he works on the opposite side of my table, of course never thought to go around there to take the shot!
If you don't know what we are doing here on WOYWW pop along to Julia Dunnit's blog to find out what it is all about and hopefully play along with us!
Have a great day!  


Jane said...

The lovely Highland Council aren't giving us the day off so I will be working and the girls will be at school, so we will have to make do with watching it when we get home! :0(
Fab job Ethan has made of his bookmarks!!

scrapwordsmom said...

Beautiful cards.

I don't get into Royal Weddings...but I am sure it will be beautiful!

Kim Piggott said...

Ethan certainly is clever these are fantastic!
I will be watching with you Deb!
kim x

Sarpreet said...

gorgeous work, lots of lovely goodies there, Happy WOYWW 99, Thank you for sharing your desk with us much appreciated it. A great desk. #31

heidy said...

Wow Deb,Ethan made some gorgeous bookmarks and so sweet of him to make one for his sister.
I will turn the tv on but I don't know if I actualy watch it!
Hugs Heidy

nessy said...

what a clever son ~amazing bookmarks!!
oh yes watching from 8am on friday... and not moving!! hope you enjoy
vanessa xx

Jingle said...

You have some wonderfully fun stuff going on! As always!

Anonymous said...

Those are great little bookmarks your son has made and I love the way he's coloured in some of the squares on the craft mat! I'll be at work as usual on Friday but will no doubt be peeking at the BBC news site to see all the details! I have American friends here who are getting up at 4am to watch it all!!

Charleston was simply stunning, it truly is an amazing city and so much to do!


okienurse said...

very nice...those bookmarks Nathan made are awesome. Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #35

Lisa-Jane said...

I have pink monster envy, mine is canary yellow! I'm a bit excited about the wedding too and I got emotional today when the children sang the national anthem at school! I did a RWB layout this week as I was so inspired by my daughter's dress in our colours. #103

RosC said...

Hearts and weddings are all the go. Right now I'm waiting for the new Royal couple to appear on the balcony. It's 10.20 PM in Eastern Australia. Think I'll pour another spot of wine.
Happy to buzz in, TFS.
Ros (90)

MaggieC said...

Hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding as much as I did. The whole thing was just perfect, and really quite emotional.