Wednesday, 1 June 2011


It is a special day over at WOYWW no 104 is here which means it has been going for 2 years!  I wasn't there at the beginning as I was starting to pack everything up and spent oodles of hours doing research for our move over the pond!  Yikes, that was almost 2 years ago too!
Not much crafting going on here this week either....I am spending most of my time getting the house organized and super cleaned before our Summer visitors arrive!
 Summer has finally arrived (after some last minute snow at the weekend) so I thought it time to do some gardening. I thought I would show that instead of my desk where nothing has changed in the last week! 
We spotted this large container at the weekend and Hubby had the idea to make it a large planting area, obviously he didn't want  to have to make me another wooden one! Still, he lugged it about for me and filled it up with potting mixture and I could merrily add my little plants yesterday in the sunshine!  Bliss!
I planted a jalopeno, red pepper, cucumber, watermelon and pumpkin and a little bit of basil.  This year will be a test as growing anything here will be a challenge with our hot, arid summers! 
 The strawberry plants are a bit of a cheat, they already have some strawberries on!
 and the hubster thought hanging tomatoes would be a good idea, tell you what though, these things are tough to fill up, I didn't have anywhere low enough to fill it so had to get my older boy to come and hold it while I planted!  It holds a few weeny tomato plants, some basil and some parsley!  
Next I have to find some potato plants and more herbs oh and definitely some lettuce seed as they grow quite quickly I find them fairly easy to grow!
I had better get back to the spring cleaning, probably won't be around much over the next few weeks what with kids finishing school for summer next week and visitors etc but will be dipping in now and then and I do have some things already made for the Whimsy June rubber release in a couple of weeks. 
If you want to join in with WOYWW head over to Julia Dunnit's blog for details.  You don't have to play every week and there is no membership, just jump in when you like!


heidy said...

Hi Debby,hope they will grow and gif you a lovley meal!
Hugs Heidy

Jingle said...

I hope your plants do really well!

Shazsilverwolf said...

your plants look like they are coming along fine- Happy WOYWW, heres to many more

Andria said...

Good luck with all of that gardening...looks like you will have some lovely produce to enjoy from all your hard work! Happy WOYWW!

fairy thoughts said...

looks loke you had some fun with the plants, they are creative too

Helen said...

great crops you have - hope your harvest is plentiful!

Tasha said...

Oh i wish i had your green fingers, all my plants die or the neighbours cats attack them :(
love tasha xx

Nicks said...

Happy 104th week, so lovely you 'meet' you and so many others on wednesday
I love strawberries - if you have any spare......

Doone said...

happy 104,

we grow wild strawberries all over our garden and they are just so tiny and very yummy


Nicky said...

looks like you will soon have a yummy garden with all the planting - Happy WOYWW Anniversary

Angie said...

I have a tub of strawberries just like that ...opposite problem ...not sure it will be warm enough for good friut to ripen. Good luck with your hanging tomatoes ...great idea

SueH said...

I’m making a really big effort to get around everyone seeing as it’s a special week. Mind you it’s taking forever and I have a bit of a numb bum now so It’ll be back to my random visits next week I think. I just don’t know how some people manage it every week.

I like your ‘outside’ desk Debs! Just think of all those lovely goodies you’re going to have to look forward to over the summer and if you have a glut of Watermelons send them my my….I’d kill for watermelon Lol.
I’ve been in the garden myself this morning planting the last of my summer bedding…anyone want a back ache!

Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
Happy Crafting!

okienurse said...

love all the plants and the outside gardening ideas. I think I want to try that upside down tomato planter. Sorry I am so late getting around but it was a busy week. Happy WOYWW #104 and the 2nd anniversary of blog snooping! Thanks for sharing Vickie #55

Dragon said...

Hope you have a bumper harvest... I love gardening but have nit done much recently due to ill health... if you are interested, there is a slideshow of my garden on my sidebar... have a great week

Maggie's Crafts said...

Have a great harvest!:)

Thank you for sharing.:)

Maggie #65

xxxtglxxx said...

Hi hun :)

Just thought I would pop over and say my prize arrived today, and I am so thrilled with it! :D

Have a great weekend, and thanks so much.



Julia Dunnit said...

Wow Deb, another month or so before school finishes here - and I agree, your last two years feel like about 10 minutes. Or is that mine? Can't tell/ Happy gardening gal. how lovely to have suddenly productive strawbs!!

craftyb said...

Is there no end to your talents Deb? lol I'm SUPER impressed with you planting all those herbs n veggies - be sure to "lettuce" (sorry couldn't resist that silly pun!!!!!) know how it all goes! Good lcuk with the cleaning - and have a wonderful summer of FUN! Is it really 2 years! bx