Monday, 29 July 2013


 I am still having withdrawal symptoms from CHA!  It was just amazing!
The thing I loved most was meeting these fabulous in real life for the first time.  I have known Denise owner of Whimsy Stamps online for almost 5 years and we always hoped one day we would meet!  Meeting exceeded all expectations, she is as lovely in person as she is online!
CHA was great but spending a whole week with part of the Whimsy family was the best thing ever!
Apologies for being photo heavy!
First day - setting up the booth!

 Ellen and Janette making up goody bags!
 Tammy's husband got roped in too!
 Ellen and Tammy, almost there!  

 Finishing touches!
 After all the hard work a fun dinner and a well deserved glass of Chardonnay!
 Apparently it was Janette's birthday, the chef was so funny!
 The booth, the first morning, right before the doors opened!
 We also met the Little Darlings team members - Becky Hetherington
 and with  Fabi
 and Sparkle dropped by the say hello, I was so excited to meet her after all these years!
Hitting the town! 

 All packed up and ready to go!


heidy said...

Fabolous pictures Deb!
Glad tosee you all had a great time!!
Maybe someday!!!!!!
XXX Heidy

Jane said...

Oooooo I am soooooo jealous it all looked amazing!!

*Vicki* said...

These are really wonderful photos Deb!! Sure wish I was there with you all!! :0) Looks like you had fun!

craftyb said...

Photo heavy.....give us more more more!!!!!!!! Haha you lucky girl...I was well Jel with your CHA trip....was that your first....? Of course it's on my bucket list.....and maybe just maybe, one day.......!!!! Glad you had such a good time, albeit exhausting I'm sure. Did you have much chance to walk the floor.......did you manage to snaffle any goodies....anything particular catch your eye....?!!! Lol sorry I'll take the interrogation spot light off now!!!!!! Lol xxxxxx

Sharon said...

Ohh I'm so jealous Deb, it looked amazing, watched some on C&C and got into the Project Life.
I bet you don't miss UK at all.x