Tuesday, 1 April 2014


For the first time in a while I have thought the week is going slowly!  The snow forecast all week isn't helping much!  Roll on the weekend, some warmer weather, I hope!
Today I have been working on a card, this one for my younger son's birthday so keeping it suitably masculine in colour!
For those interested in the books I posted about last week here they are a series of historical fiction with a sci-fi twist.  It is not my normal type of book, I don't go in for romance novels as such and there seems a lot of it in there!  Still, it is turning out to be a bit of a page turner and with another 5 books + in the series that is a good thing!  They start out set in post WW2 Scotland but with a bit of time travel it mostly takes place in 18th Century Scotland.  The later books do arrive in the US in North Carolina but I am way off reading those just yet!  More info here!
Once I realised she was an American writer I was ready to nitpick at the language and realism but I have been pleasantly surprised and often thought she must be British to use those phrases!  She has certainly done her homework although I have found a couple of little things I thought were out of place but then I was being very picky! So far it hasn't spoiled my enjoyment of the book!
Homemade enamel dots.
 Another update from last week - the hama beads that I tried to melt last week were totally unsuccessful so I headed out to Walmart and got these Pony beads which had great reviews.  The result is below.  They melt very quickly, within 10 minutes and there is very little smell so I didn't mind doing a couple of batches in my regular oven.  I did 400 degrees F.
The results are super shiny enamel dots.  Some turned out better than others but the success comes from having a very flat piece of parchment and watching them and removing them from the oven as soon as they have closed so you retain the rounded top and then they don't spread so much. 
My little treasured purchase this week!  I have been wanting one of these for a while, do we all know what it is yet?

Sorry for going on but I thought I should answer some of the questions from last week and this seemed the most sensible place to do that!
If you are wondering why I am showing all this stuff head over to Julia's blog for more details of our little Wednesday party!


April said...

Thank you for sharing about the beads into enamel dots - very cool. And I have no idea what your new treasure is. April #41

Robyn said...

I do love my yarn winder. thanks for the dot update.Thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place.
robyn 14

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Deb and thanks for visiting my desk today...I did have to check out your last WOYWW (because I didn't get to everyone last week) to see that you are making a travel album..nice colours there. And to check out the melted idea - I've seen these melted into a big circle on Pinterest to make a sun catcher. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#40

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's a thingummy-whatsit-doodah!! No idea at all - maybe a yarn winder?
The plasticky melted dots turned out well - they're still shiny and bright, which is a good thing. Bet you'll have fun using those.
You've got snow forecast, we've got a really weird yellow light today, as the Uk is getting covered by sand and dust from the Sahara!! I kid you not...southerly winds are bringing it up and all the cars are covered! Mad....
HUgs, LLJ 8 xx

Anonymous said...

Interesting post! It's like a science fair, lol!! I know what the doo-dad is as I have one so I won't give the game away! No I'm not knitting a vase but you made me lol and then I read more comments and loads of people have said the same thing!!! Funny!

Brenda 10

Monica said...

Deb I sent you some warm weather hope it arrives soon. I thought you were making candy when I saw those dots and I have no idea what the thngy is.
monica 43.

Kelly said...

Now I'm going to have to shop for pony beads this weekend. You Enabler! :-) What a cool idea. I could never get into her books. I'm glad you are enjoying them. As an author I know it's difficult to get every minute detail correct. Thanks for going easy on DG. ;-) Creative Blessings! Kelly #97

Minxy said...

Seems everyone is melting pony beads just now, I just got some myself to try and from your's looks like it works a treat.
p.s. have no clue what your mystery object is!
Happy Wednesday
Minxy {was #6 now #23}

fairy thoughts said...

Brilliant idea with the pony beads I'll have to find mine it's not often I get to use the oven for my crafting haha

Jackie said...

It's a thing-my-giggy !!!! Never seen one before
Sorry it's such a late visit
Jackie 5

Anne said...

Oh my gosh, I haven't been visiting in a long time, but just got to say: LOVE the Outlander series!!! Seriously a page turner, love the humour and from what I've read about them, pretty accurate historically. They have just been filming for the TV series around Newtonmore last week!

Have got the same yarn winder btw :)
And will have to try melting pony beads now ;-)
Hope you're well, hugs from Scotland,
Anne xx