Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Osprey Day

Been AWOL lately due to a stinking cold, haven't even managed to do any crafting, that was how stinking it was! hOping to catch up tomorrow, got some lovely new stash today!!!!

Today we had a lovely day, thanks to everyone who sent cards, loved them all! We went to the R.S.P.B. osprey centre at Boat of Garten for the first time. Unfortunately, no chicks in nest this year, there had been eggs but for various reasons none had survived. Did see this osprey flying around and then sitting in the tree with a fish, we saw it quite well on a monitor indoors. Very interesting, if you are a bit of a twitcher like me! We will definitely be back and hope to see chicks next year!

The acorn shaped thing is the nest and you can see the osprey sitting in the tree just beneath the camera. You had to be there!

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