Sunday, 22 July 2007

Back from our jollies

and it is so good to be home! the holiday itself was so relaxing but a week was plenty. Before it though we had the car ride from hell, the trip that normally takes 5 1/2 hours took 10 due to being stuck in a 10 mile tail back for 5 1/2 hours because of the T in the Park traffic at Edinburgh! It was extraordinary seeing people walking along the hard shoulder to stretch their legs and even more so, using the basic toilet facilities on the embankment!!!

The villa was comfortable apart from being hot at night and the pool was absolutely blissful, we stayed out till late most days, eating dinner still in our cossies and going back for another dip at 8pm. I did seem to be very attractive to the mosquitos who found me very palatable and left me with great huge itchy lumps after their feasting. Of course forgot to get antihistimine cream!

After the hols we stayed in England for a few days for our eldest to attend her old school leaving party ( 6months after she left the school but never mind, it was lovely to see her catch up with her old friends). I was going to stay to help out but ended up with a small lump of hot charcoal jumping into my eye so I had to have a mini excursion to the hospital! After 3 days it is improving, the swelling has gone down but it continues to weep buckets! I have loads of cardmaking to do this week to catch up on so hope the dodgy eye doesn't result in squiffy crafting! I have some delightful antibiotic cream to squeeze into my eye 4 times a day which I think may be causing some of the blurriness and excessive weeping. I think I will hide out in my craft room for the next 3 weeks til the new school term starts, much safer! Although is it? When I moved my desk into here just before the holiday I dropped the top on my foot and nearly fainted with the pain. Do you think this is not my month?

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Monkee Maker said...

Good that you could still call your hols "jollies" after all that!

The photos are stunning, and I'm very impressed that you could still make those gorgeous cards with an eye injury!