Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cuttlebug in a Sizzix

A couple of weeks ago I was about to order a cuttlebug as I loved the embossing folders. I was told that the folders worked in a Sizzix machine so I decided to experiment. I found a book that was just deep enough to squeeze through the machine although I also added a sheet of funky foam as I wanted slightly more depth to the embossing. I sandwiched the embossing folder between the funky foam and the book on top of the cutting mat. As you can see it works pretty well! I think the system converter works with them but if like me you don't have one then a book does fine!

This calls for more shopping I think!


Rose Ann said...

Good for you finding the right "sandwich"!! Very cool!

Louly said...

Oh wow! Thanks for the tip Debz, that'll save me buying a converter.

The Cryer Family said...

He he he! Now THAT'S what I call creative!