Friday, 26 October 2007


I have been tagged by the very lovely and incredibly talented Rose Ann of Paper Delightz, I am sure most of you are familiar with her blog but anyone who hasn't been there should pop over, her cards are fabulous!
I have 5 questions to answer!

1. If you could have 100.00 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose? So tough! I would prefer half and half but given that I have to choose today I would choose embellishments, because you can never have enough!

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rubons, which would you choose? Oh, you are mean, how can I choose? Ok, stamps, no rub-ons, no stamps!

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year...which would you do? No contest here, cards no probs, I dabble in scrapbooking but only for myself, making some family albums but hey, they can wait a year, couldn't put my cards on hold though!

4. Would you rather own a scrapbooking store or have your own scrapping room at home...(can't have both he he he) Own room definitely, although I would love to languish all day in a store I wouldn't want to have to do the tedious paperwork!

5. And last but not least, what is your CURRENT cardmaking or scrapping style....Now this can be tough to nail down!This is tough as it is whatever takes my fancy at the time. I am using quite a lot of stitching just now and matting which I love. I love my cards to be covered with gorgeous things, lots of ribbon and bling!

Now for the hardest part, to pick only 5 people to tag!

1. Andrea at Andrea's World
2. Marlou at Scrapping with Love
3. Dawn at Daily Scrapping Inspiration
4. Anne at Always making stuff
5. Vanessa at Ellepiggo

Have fun!


Anne said...

Thanks for the tag - this will be fun :) Hope to do it over the weekend, going to Hobbycrafts in Glasgow tomorrow, yay!

Rose Ann said... sound like an "I want it all" kind of girl as! Thanks for playing along! Loved reading your responses!

Risa said...

Very interesting Deb!