Wednesday, 18 May 2011


 So after a weekend of summer temperatures it is back to this! Ridiculous to think the kids were in the pool Saturday and Sunday, I was just about to put away the winter gear too!
Last year I learned not to buy any new plants until June.  I bought hanging baskets in May and within a week it had snowed and they were dead!
This pic was actually taken yesterday as I am scheduling too  busy tomorrow morning!
So, for all those who think I am a neat freak I thought I should own up and show the whole desk! yikes!
You can see the back of my just finished card, it will be posted a  little later today!  Hope you will come back to see it, also have a little giveaway but can't tell yet, come back at 12 noon (EST) to find out!
So what is on your workdesk today? if you want to play along visit Julia Dunnit's blog for deets!


Kathy said...

Oh My Deb!!!! Snow???? In the middle of May???? That is horrible!
I do love it but once things warm up it is hard to welcome it with open arms!! LOL

heidy said...

Oh I love snow Deb,but I'm glad that time is over here!
Hugs Heidy

Jingle said...

Where do you LIVE???? We have had way too much rain, but I'd prefer that to snow any day! Yikes! Your desk looks fabulous!

Anne said...

Hehe, I'm glad to see creative mess on your desk, too, although compared to the current state of mine, yours is positively tidy ;-)
Oh, and boo to the snow! I'll just put up with our wind and rain (and occasional sunshine) xx

Jessica said...

Oh goodness sweetie, where are you that you are still getting snow? Great picture though.

Julia Dunnit said...

Cut little drawer of buttons holding down the mystery card! And the pencil shavings - is that collected over time or a binge session?! Snow in May - looks like you've relocated to s similar climate, gah! At least you haven't done the plants yet...costly lesson, huh!

Sue from Oregon said...

well there is a method to your madness! Your desk is still tidy! And what is it with this cold weather. I am wearing my coat in the house tonight LOL Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Snow in May is what you get for moving to Utah instead of California! We did all of our tubs and things last weekend and then Sunday night it was 39F! Bugger! We pulled everything in to as close to the house as possible, but it was only after I'd gone to bed that I remembered the big half barrels by the front door. I grabbed the first thing I came too (rooster patterned t-towels!) and covered them up wearing my shorts and tshirt bed clothes! Bloody cold it was too! Still, flowers survived, neighbours were a bit bemused but they usually are by most things we do!! Love the untidy desk for a change. Credit card at the ready I see and love the pot of pencil shavings!