Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Hope those of you in Iceland, Scotland and the North aren't being too badly affected by the volcanic ash, can't believe that has happened again!  We have the Grannies coming over for our eldest's graduation in 2 weeks just hope the travel chaos of last year doesn't happen again!
We are having a lull between storms today, it is going to be a beautiful hot day today, in the 70's woohoo! but then downhill towards the holiday weekend after that!  Isn't it always like that?
 so onto my desk today, actually the pics are from yesterday as I had intended scheduling but didn't quite get around to it!  We have had a crazy few days here in Chez Routledge!
A sweet little Mo Manning image for my daughter's graduation card.  The box is part of her card.  
The stickers are so fab, I picked them up at a church rummage sale along with the little stamp, 25 cents each!
The tin box holds the pencils etc that my kids use, they aren't allowed my Prismas!
And there is my little pot of pencil shavings always on my desk, someone asked if that was one session of shavings but no, I tend to let to build up for some time before eventually deciding I need to empty it!  I kinda like pencil shavings!
Below I was dabbling with some paint effects, altering some hearts that I thought might look good with a crackle effect!  I have since used the smaller hearts but the doiley heart kind of disintegrated!
so, whats on your workdesk today?  If you want to join in head over to 
Julia Dunnits blog to get the lowdown, see more desks and maybe join in!
Have a fabulous Wednesday and thanks for dropping by!


MaggieC said...

I am also keeping my fingers crossed about these Icelandic volcanoes. Our daughter and family are over in Canada at the moment, so I hope things will settle down for them to get home. I just hope the same thing does not happen in August when we are trying to get to a wedding in Spain. that is a lovely image there in that circle.

Kathleen said...

Hi Deb, the doily looks quite interesting nothing like messing with paint and other media you never know what you will discover until you play.
Kathleen x

Jingle said...

Looks like some very fun stuff! I like pencil shavings, too. You should makes something with them!

Tertia said...

Lots happening on your desk today! I love Mo's images, they are such a pleasure to colour. Hope the grannies make it to the graduation!

Seleise said...

I hope your family can make it for the graduation ceremonies. Crazy volcanoes and crazy weather. Love the pics of your desk and all the stories - such a creative and organized space! I'm impressed!

SueH said...

Think you’ve sent the storms my way Deb because we had it very hot here yesterday and today it’s dark and dingy and chucking it down with rain. Hope it stops soon because I’m off to the hairdressers later.

Looks like you’ve been having fun with the old crackle glaze, I would never have thought of trying it on a doily.

Happy Crafting!

Nicks said...

my mum once made a beautiful picture making pencil shavings into flowers - hope your visitors arrive safely x

okienurse said...

very creative work space. Hate to hear of the volcano's and ash again. My son and dil just made it from Germany to the US with only one layover. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

madebyKarla said...

I kinda like pencil shavings too ;) Thanks for sharing your space and for the comment on my blog!

lisa said...

Thankfully the ash didn't last too long this time so I hope your visitors made it OK.
What an organised desk you have. I love the idea of having a pot for your pencil shavings.
Thank you for your lovely comments.
Hugs Lisa #97

Julia Dunnit said...

I am envious tha tyou work so minimally and produce such loveliness. I wouldn't share my Prismas either. Not even with a grown up who didn't craft!