Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I missed WOYWW last week, just a very busy week and couldn't fit anything much in! This week, still busy but taking a little time out now and again before the real work begins once we get the keys to the new place! 
Lots of decorating to do!
So, Tuesday (when I took this pic) I took the opportunity to create a little card, albeit a quick and simple one.  I used these fabulous Simple Stories papers which made my job very easy! The card will be on my blog tomorrow, can't show it today, sorry!
Also on my desk piles of photos, all old ones that I have been scanning for future scrapping!
 Here is what is keeping me busy.  On the guest bed, multiple cartons waiting to be packed and lots of new goodies for the new house.  The lemons are for the kitchen, they are fake so they will last!  They are going in a nice tall vase.  The cute flip flops are a soap dispenser that will go into a shower room  along with a very cute beachy themed shower curtain and flip flop bath mat.  I got them all half priced in Bed, Bath and Beyond too, a very cute bargain! Plus other shower curtains and I still need more, this house has more bathrooms than I care to clean!
I am also working on something creative for this room too, I will be able to share in a couple of weeks!
I hope to be able to show you a huge pile of packed up boxes by next week and with a lot of luck the key to my new door!
My task for today, clean out the fridge and pack lots of books up!..... and just maybe squeeze in another quick card! 
If you would like to join us over at WOYWW pop over to Julia's blog for details!


Jingle said...

Looking forward to seeing your new card!

Diane said...

Hope all goes well with the move.
Diane 79

Jaki Morris said...


love the look of your desk. I use those little jam pots to store tiny things in.

Don't worry, if you win my cushion I will send just the cover and you can put use it on a pad! Or I'll ask my Dad to deliver it to you in May on his way to visit my sister in San Diego! He won't mind!!!

Thanks for visiting me

inkypinkycraft said...

The lemons look great , good luck with the move!hugs trace x 40

Anonymous said...

Exciting times Deb, is this the house just down the street that you were hoping to get? I love planning, painting and decorating a home, such a lot of fun. Hope it's not too hectic. My peppers do really well, I don't tend to grow the big red or green ones as the yield per plant is low, so all mine look like hot peppers, but they're varying degrees of heat. My Jalepeno seeds failed this year so I've got some new ones, must sow them actually, thanks for the reminder!

Brenda 114

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I understand the more bathrooms than you care to clean bit. When we moved in here I told hubby if he wanted to use the shower in "his" bathroom, he'd have to clean it. Needless to say we share the shower in "our" bathroom (and he cleans it, but shh... don't point that out). OMG! I so want to put a tall vase of lemons (fake) in my kitchen. My kitchen is black and white so it would look striking! If only there wasn't so much other stuff in the way. What is all this stuff on the counters?! And in the cupboards? Oh my. Fun looking stuff on your desk. Mind if I stick some of my kitchen junk on there?!

heidy said...

Hi Deb,fingers crossed that you got the keys real soon!
looking forward to see your card!
XXX Heidy

Karen said...

Love those pretty papers on your desk, they are lovely. I hope everything goes well for you with the move :)

Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week, Hugs, Karen xx #12

Elaine said...

Good luck with your move DEB all the best in your new house . Hugs Elaine

Hazel said...

I don't envy you with all the packing up to do. Such a tidy workspace - love the papers - thanks for sharing - Hazel #10 x

Amanda said...

Good luck with the move, can't wait to see your new home pictures. Hugs, Amanda #123. Ps what is in the little jar?

trisha too said...

Well the workspace is looking fine, and good luck to you with the move, very exciting!


okienurse said...

nice snoop through your new stuff. Don't envy you a move. Is it across town our across a long distance? I don't envy you either one! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog I enjoy reading them. Have a great week. Vickie #91

Queen Of Toys said...

Hey just chuck everything out that hasn't been used for 3 months and throw everything that has been used in a box real quick. Then pack all your art supplies really carefully, being sure not to loose or damage anything. That should do it, I rekon.

Have fun.

Eliza #19

sandra de said...

I think cleaning and packing are never ending stories. Love the little soap dispenser.
Sandra @96

Anne said...

Oh, I don't envy your task! Love the flip flop soap dispenser :) And hope all will go smoothly with getting the keys to your new house! xx

MaggieC said...

The thought of even possibly moving house would send me into major panic. Our loft is clear and we have thrown a huge amount of stuff away this year, but my craft room would be horrendous. I really do not envy you the move and I hope all goes really well for you, and you are soon on the exciting bit of unpacking and settling in. xx Maggie #93