Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A recipe and a vintage find!

We were entertaining at the weekend and wanted to have a Scottish flavour to the evening so I changed up a regular trifle to become a 
Cranachan trifle.
It has the usual fruit and sponge in the jelly, a layer of custard but the top is made up of toasted pinhead oats, whisky, honey and raspberries mixed into the whipping cream ( I would use double cream in the UK but no such thing here) then raspberries piled on top and dusted with icing sugar.
It had rave reviews and was oohed and aahed at when brought out of the fridge so thought I would share with you!

While looking for my old knitting patterns I found this.
Our old family heirloom tablecloth.  It was made by my Nana many years ago, if I had to guess I would say probably in the 60's or 70's.
 she embroidered the pattern
 and crocheted the edging.
This is how I remember her, she was never sitting down without a piece of crochet or knitting in her hands.


Jane said...

Ooooooo that looks yummy!

Fiona said...

Lovely trifle :) such a stunning tablecloth :)

KandA said...

That is just not fair.... I want a bowl or maybe even two. It looks absolutely delicious xx

Angie said...

Oh that triffle is to die for ...I love triffles with a twist ...used to make a Black Forest one many years ago.
I remember my mum embroidering chair backs in a similar pattern ...that would have been late 60's early 70's. That table cloth is beautiful. xx

craftyb said...

The trifle looks Devine Deb! Love the big deep layers!! And what a treasure! It is perfect, and so detailed - what a talented lady!! I guess that's where the crafty gene comes from? My gran was an avid crafter too, not our kind but everything else!!x

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh girl!! You've made me so hungry!!! :) Your Vintage finds are awesome! My grandma use to make these all the time! I'm lucky enough to own a few! HUGS

Alison Scott said...

Yum yum, that trifle looks delicious.
The tablecloth is beautiful. The amount of work that must have taken. Wow. said...

Oh my, i have not seen a trifle looking so good in a long long time. I used to be addicted to 'homemade' trifle and it became a regular joke when people used to visit us because when it came to dessert, it was ALWAYS trifle! Gorgeous table cloth too. Hugs, Jill x

Jane Allmark Amethystarcrafting said...

Can't beat a good trifle & the tablecloth is beautiful. I too have several tablecloths made by my granny in the 40's.xx

Anne said...

Cranachan trifle - what a fab idea, looks delicious!! And the tablecloth is very pretty, I always admire embroidery like that, it's something I don't have the patience for, or the skill, for that matter :)

Eliza said...


Just catching up on the blogs and this one here is devine, love that edging you nana created, these are the memories that will stay with you forever, how wonderful.