Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I am still knitting!
Totally got the knitting bug that has been going around lately and this is one bug I don't mind catching!
To the left are my two finished dishcloths, have another ball of this so might whip up another one, they are great for knitting up in the car while waiting to pick up the kidlets!
The cream strip is going to be a mug cozy, just need to find a button now!  Will try to remember to show it adorning a mug next week!
I almost finished my second one last night, they knit up in no time!
 Anyone remember this?  This one was published in the 80's when I was heavily into knitting.
 Not sure I will be knitting much from here, it is a tad dated although there are a few things that don't seem to have aged at all.  These guides are great though, they have all the techniques, perfect for a quick reference.  So glad I kept them all these years!
I haven't altogether abandoned my papercrafts, I will have a few things to show over the next week!
If you would like to share your desk or just have a nose at some others then pop over to Julia's blog for more WOYWW details and links!


Heathers Inspiration said...

Love your Beautiful mug cosy
and cloth designs.
Happy WOYWW Heather #72

Unknown said...

Love what you're knitting! It is a shame to see the older books and patterns go to waste! I can get lost in my knitting for months, so I know what you mean. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #113

Bernice said...

Great mug cosy - remember to show us the finished item. I knit lots of these jumpers with big flowers and bright colours in the 80's - usually with mohair - it was all the rage then!
Bernice #61

Anonymous said...

Wow look at you go! Last week it was dishcloths, this week it's cables! Obviously you're a much more proficient knitter than I am! I do intend to learn one simple cable pattern and one simple lace pattern this year though. Love that old book, bet it's got bat-wing jumpers in there too!

Brenda 114

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Omg, I remember Get Knitting and that exact blue batwing jumper pattern!!! Talk about a blast from the past! Good for you for keeping the old patterns, they'll only be lost otherwise! Ad you're an extremely proficient knitter by the looks of your mug cosy! Cable-tastic!
Hugs, LLJ 38 xxxx

Antonia said...

Mmm I think I remember that too
Love you cable stitch mug cosy
Happy woyww
Antonia #132

ria gall said...

oh my look at those knitting patterns that takes one back and you can keep that bug as it's a good one
Wishing you a really great WOYWW
Ria #73

Alison Scott said...

The mug cosy is a great idea. I hate those cardboard ones.

Eliza said...

I think you should knit that beautiful jumper with the flowers on it in exactly those colours and wear it for a photoshoot on your blog, just perfect it is. LOL only joking and once we thought that was beautiful LOL

You do seem to be busy and yes you have the K bug.... Love the coffee cozy.


Darnell said...

Hey, I'm impressed with so many of you who do more than one crafty thing! I'm so incapable of doing that. Your newest addition to your knitting "dones" is such a fun mug cozy. I hope you do show it to us next week all buttoned on!!

Have a great one, Deb, and thanks for coming by the Playhouse earlier!
Darnell #48

April said...

I think it's great you're so versatile. Knitting, paper crafting - what's next? :-) April #130